At Versus, we love a challenge. 

Games, puzzles, riddles, trivia contests - we like solving things, we like playing, and we like winning. We like team sports, tabletop game nights, online multiplayer, communities of gamers, and communities of problem solvers. We're tanks and healers, dungeonmasters and rogues. We've settled Catan, captured the flag, flown on the Normandy, and check raised on the river. We know the cake is a lie.

We also know that games are more fun when you're playing with friends, and when you're playing for something that matters. Versus is a collaborative, multiplayer, cooperative enterprise. It's a team game. We're building something new, something challenging, and we're doing it as a community of developers, designers, strategists, and explorers. We build new technology, we write patents, and we work with our partners to make the most engaging game experiences in the world. We put our teammates in positions to succeed. We create long-term value. We listen to our partners, and we work with them to make games more fun.  We give gamers the opportunity to play for things they love. This our charge and our challenge - and we love a challenge.

Welcome to the team.

Matthew Pierce, CEO


This, we believe


Every challenge can be a collaborative challenge

We are social animals. We thrive when we work together - when our communication is thoughtful, respectful, and helpful. If there is a problem, we ask for help. If someone asks for help, we give it. We are a team. We actively seek out people with different backgrounds, different skill sets, and different opinions because it makes our products, and our company, better. We are better together. 

Every solution is an individual solution

Every person, every partner, team member, and shareholder that we work with has their own strengths and their own goals. We listen. We empathize. We try to understand before we act - and when we act, we create solutions that are tailored to the individual people we are working with. We solve problems one individual at a time. 


Get better every day

We are driven. We want to learn. We want to see what's over the hill. We want to improve. Improving requires reflection, awareness, and accountability for our shortcomings - it also requires a long-term vision, passion, and direction. We are curious, we experiment, and we smile when our reach exceeds our grasp. We are getting better.

Build great teams, be a great teammate

We want to work with the very best people. We want smart, thoughtful, curious, creative, collaborative problem solvers as partners, and as teammates - wherever they come from. We want people who add to the culture rather than fit into it. We also want people who encourage others to add as well. It's just as true at our jobs as it is in the places where we live and work. We volunteer. We share our time and our resources. We make our teams and our communities better. 


Diversity - Empathy - Curiosity - Community