LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Versus Systems, Inc. ("Versus" or the "Company") (CSE:VS) (OTCQB: VRSSF)(FSE:BMVA), a leading developer of brand engagement technology, today announced that Versus Systems engineers Kalisa Falzone, Bruce Park, and Alex Peachey will be featured speakers at EMPEX Los Angeles on Feb. 2, 2019. Versus Systems is the creator of the WINFINITE platform, built on the Elixir technology stack, which allows developers to integrate prizing into their applications. Versus Systems presentations will focus on accessible API development, Mnesia, and BDD Testing Frameworks, while showcasing Versus Systems continuing support of the Elixir community, promoting the primary programming language used to build its scalable in-game prizing platform.

“In my presentation on Making your Elixir API Accessible to non-Elixir Developers I will show how developers can build accessible APIs using thoughtful testing, documentation and automated scripts, as well as proper application organization and effective teamwork,” said Kalisa Falzone, Software Engineer at Versus Systems.

“If a programmer has never used Elixir's metaprogramming features before, the best way to do it is by seeing a real-life application,” said Bruce Park, Developer at Versus Systems. “As part of my Rebuilding a BDD Testing Framework: Foundations in Metaprogramming my presentation will demonstrate building a small part of the ESpec testing library. We'll leverage Elixir's metaprogramming features to build out test assertions and useful error messages so attendees will gain a whole new appreciation for the power of metaprogramming.”

Where did I put my data? is my presentation on the Mnesia database, I will show how attendees can gain performance, remove bottlenecks, and increase stability of their Elixir programs by using this built-in tool,” said Alex Peachey, CTO at Versus Systems. “A robust Mnesia solution can help systems scale beyond a single node, allowing not only support of higher loads, but increase resiliency.”

All presentations will be recorded and published to the general public and available to view on EMPEX’s official YouTube channel. To learn more about Versus Systems, visit http://empex.co and www.versussystems.com.


Founded in New York in 2016 by Versus Systems’ Head of Engineering Desmond Bowe, EMPEX is the premier regional conference for the Elixir programming language. With its unique combination of memorable venues, live music, and technical focus, EMPEX has set the standard for events within the Elixir community. For more information, please visit: http://empex.co/.

About Versus Systems

Versus Systems, Inc. has developed Winfinite - a proprietary in-game prizing and promotions engine that allows game publishers and developers to offer in-game prizing across various platforms including mobile, console, PC games, and streaming media. Brands pay to place products in-game via Winfinite, and gamers compete for those prizes. For more information, please visit www.versussystems.com.

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